A Pyrate’s Life: Anne Bonny

February 2019

In 2019, we set sail with 18th century pirate, Anne Bonny, in Alexandra Varriano’s first one-woman show. In this story, we meet Anne and 12 other characters, all played by one woman. There were fights, sex, whiskey, disguises, prison breaks, and of course, lots of death.

This timely story of a woman’s journey toward freedom, belonging, and unbound adventure, in a time when women didn’t have many options, addresses patriarchal ownership, sexual assault, the right to choose, and power dynamics between the sexes. It’s was a wild and raucous ride that is now being adapted into a screenplay. Stay tuned!

Written and performed by Alexandra Varriano.


August 2018

This solo performance featured 7 voices through 1 human exploring sex, freedom, and belonging in late-stage capitalism.

Written and performed by Kymberlee della Luce.  

Directed by Alexandra Varriano